Sunday, September 18, 2011

Progress with Facebook API

I've been tinkering with the facebook API. So far, I have working versions of:
  1. Users can login and logout through my page.
  2. Send requests from my app to registered users. Once issued they can be:
    1. updated with new info ("DUE IN 2 HOURS!" or "3 out of 5 questions completed")
    2. read ("A good common practice for Apps on is to detect if a user has any requests pending when your application loads and then prompt the user to complete the actions associated with the requests before continuing.")
    3. deleted (clear request when associated problem set is completed)
  3. Register achievements that can then be awarded to users. They can then be:
    1. read
    2. deleted
  4. Award users scores for the app. They can then be:
    1. read
    2. deleted
This is all PHP implementations of html POST requests. It will be easy to transfer to ROR once we get our version of ASSISTments running
Also, Screenshots!
Achievements and scores. It also autogenerates notifications about how you have x of y achievements for an app, or the highest score.
Requests from an app to a user: These show up in a few different places, including the main page.
(I left the default text in)

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