Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Laser cut paper structures with generated supports

I've been working on various iterations of this program since my junior year of college. It's gone through some significant changes in that time.

Acrylic Triangles and edges. Horrible toxic solvent glue.


Acrylic Triangles and paired edges attached using cotter pins. Heavy wire support structure threaded through holes in connectors.

Coroplast Triangles and Acrylic snap-on edges.

And Now: Triangular card stock tiles with generated support structure




.OBJ files. Left is visualization of final geometry. Right is source

Generated .DXF (vector graphics format) file for laser cutting.
Red lines are cut, Blue lines are perforated for folding and white text is raster fill.



Folded tiles during assembly
Assembled object, supporting a subset of my library